Reviews and Quotes

“…beautiful and delicate short miniatures… demonstrate the range of textures and subtleties the guitar had to offer.” Gary Hickey, Newport Adviser December 2015


“Vickers and Bovey gave an enchanting encore, another delicate new composition by Ryan Probert” Clive Peacock, Leamington Courier 2 December 2014


“The other three pieces lacked the technical polish of these two, but seemed more authentically of the present moment in their lightness and stubborn eccentricity… Ryan Probert’s 36 Views of Mt Fuji (of which we heard 10 or so) were more charmingly Satie-like in their oddity, and played with truly uncanny unanimity by guitarists Julian Vickers and Daniel Bovey. The deliberate modesty of these pieces, and of Luke Deane’s piece for pianist and singing pot-plant (don’t ask, it would take too long to explain), suggested the younger generation is in tune with those far-off days of the Sixties.” Ivan Hewett, Telegraph 3 July 2014


“At the same time Ryan Probert’s 36 views of Mount Fuji were given a beautiful and delicate performance by the Vickers-Bovey Guitar Duo, both composer and performers are ones to watch.” Sean Clancy, 7 April 2014


“Prior to the Mozart fourth-year Conservatoire student, Ryan Probert, was given the honour of a world première of his work PRODUCT. Curtis drew attention to the extraordinary score margin annotations which include ‘brasher’ followed by ‘brasher and increasingly unstable’. This short piece packed a great deal into three minutes – a most encouraging start to a young composer’s career.” Stratford-upon-Avon Herald, October 2013


Ryan covered in the Gloucestershire Citizen


“Ryan Probert’s music strikes a convincing balance between liveliness and repose.  His piano quartet, Variation on a Burns Air, is a fine example; writing of excitable boldness leads eventually to a serene tracery of harmonics.  The union of directly expressive material and extra-musical (scientific and historical) data seems characteristic, and productive of work of striking originality.”  Howard Skempton, 6 March 2012

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