Ryan is grandson of composer Gerald Probert, whom despite getting a scholarship to the Royal College of Music was unable to fulfil his ambition to be a composer due to a call up for National Service. Gerald gave up composing soon afterwards, however kept a small collection of sketches, mainly for piano. When Ryan was approached by composer and pianist Matt Ellis, asking for a contribution to his album Night Music Ryan decided it was time for his grandfather’s pieces to come out of the dark. Grandfather is a selection of melodies, arranged and structured by Ryan to make them ready for performance, however Ryan hopes to have done more than it seems at first glance:

I wanted to present the music as new and something different, it wasn’t an amateurish creation anymore, it was being presented with pride, fondness and all the love I have for my grandfather.

Ryan Probert

Grandfather was recorded in March 2014 and is due to be released in May 2014, as a track on Matt Ellis’ Nights Music.

Gerald Probert in 2009



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