Calligraphy Music

During 2011 and 2012 Ryan wrote a selection of pieces which were constructed using calligraphy.

Resonance of Words

Resonance of Words is a piece for mixed ensemble, which uses a system to derive music from Japanese writing. It was premiered in November 2011 with Ryan conducting, and awarded the John Mayer Prize in 2012. Below is a video recorded a the first performance:


Hexagrams was written for the 2012 Cage Centenary celebrations, and uses a similar system to Cage when he wrote Music of Changes. However, Ryan’s system differs in a number of ways, the primary being Hexagrams is derived from the shape of the Chinese symbols produced. The piece was premiered at the University of York on 13th May 2012 at the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall below is recording with symbols on video:

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