Anagram Pieces

In late 2013 Ryan began to write collections of pieces which used an anagram for a title. These pieces were named this way as they used material from a different source or sources arranged in a new way.

a neeD

a neeD was written for the Schubert Ensemble in 2014 using material from Luke Deane‘s composition Mate’s Tricks. It was given its second performance at the 2014 Frontiers+ Festival‘s, Spectrum concert. It is mainly constructed from only two chords on the piano, C-major and E-minor with one appearance of a D-minor halfway through the piece. Below is a recording made by the Schubert Ensemble:

Luke Deane slightly rearranged

Teaches Fig

Teaches Fig was written as part of Noszferatu‘s “one page piece” project, in which a composer had to produce a piece where the score was only one page. The piece is made up of looped material of different lengths, which is taken from John Cage‘s prepared piano Sonatas and Interludes. It was given its premier during the 2014 Frontiers+ Festival and a second performance in the Forge, in Camden along with soloist Joel Bell and Percy Pursglove. Below is a recording made in the Frontiers+ Festival:

The opening bar of Sonata 2


mileS is the newest anagram piece composed from Taiwanese pianist Wei-Han Chen. It is in three movements, the first constructed from harmonies abstracted from Jazz standards, the second uses a Bartók composition treated in much the same way as Bartók treated the folk songs he transcribed and the third and final is based on a Taiwanese pop song.

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